Into the Marsh


1.  Introduce the lesson by telling students they are going to learn about the history of the cranberry by watching Not So Wild Anymore and going over the full chronological timeline of cranberries.

2.   As a class or small groups, watch Not So Wild Anymore and briefly go over the full chronology of events handout and show photographs.

3.  Assign a team of two students to study a picture tied to an important historical event.

4.  Students should read the explanation and discuss the photo so they can explain their event to the rest of the class.

5.  Each team presents their short explanation to the class.

6.   Brainstorm with the class to match dates with events.  Assemble a giant timeline in the room using the pictures.  Make adjustments as needed.  Discuss why the pictures were placed where they were.

  Wrap up the lesson with a short discussion.  Ask students how creating a large, visual timeline added to their understanding of the video and the chronology of events.