Into the Marsh


Give each student, or group of students a copy of Ice Age Deposits of Wisconsin map. Discuss how the effects of glaciers 13,000 years ago impact the physical geography of Wisconsin. Consider important physical features were important to the settlement of Wisconsin by native peoples.

Clear a space on a wall and run masking tape across it to create a timeline. As an alternative, hang a rope or yarn across the front of the room to use as a timeline.

Prepare index cards by printing the following timeline “anchors,” one on each card. Then mix the cards up.

  • Glacier covers parts of North America
  • Glacier retreats
  • Chunks of glacier take a while to melt
  • Kettle, kames, and the glacial outwash form
  • Vegetation decomposes and peat builds up
  • Wild cranberries grow in the rich, peaty soil.
  • Native Americans use cranberry to make pemmican
  • Daniel Whitney trades shingles for a canoe full of cranberries on the Yellow River
  • People begin cultivating the cranberry in “beds”
  • Today, cranberries grow in unique areas
  • Wisconsin becomes a state
  • The first Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers’ meeting is held