Into the Marsh


Samples of wet peat, sand, gravel, and wet clay for students to touch and examine (if possible)

Cranberry vines  (If you live in a cranberry growing region and wish to have cranberry vine samples for your classroom, try contacting a local grower. Or, purchase cranberries plugs from a nursery.)

Plastic craft tubes, clam-shell containers, or other clear plastic container with straight sides

Materials for creating model soil layers:

  • Cranberry vines (Substitute a few sprigs of artificial plants, pipe cleaners or green twist ties
  • Play or art sand
  • Spagnum moss (peat)
  • Kitty litter (muck)
  • Small landscape gravel
  • Index cards

Masking tape or rope

Note: The amount of each material that you will depend upon the sizes you choose for the container in which you will build the model marsh, thickness of each layer will alter the quantity required.


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