Into the Marsh

Into the Marsh is the first of three sections that make up Learn About Cranberries. Throughout this introductory section, students become acquainted with the cranberry, its habitat, its history, and the people involved in cranberry agriculture. Five lessons make up this section. While individual lessons can be stand-alone experiences, the order in which these lessons are organized allows them to build on each other and help students make connections between the lessons.

  • Eco-Tours is a 2-part lesson that invites students to observe the cranberry marsh as an ecosystem (Part 1), and prompts them to compare the marsh ecosystem to their local surroundings (Part 2).
  • A Grower’s Work is Never Done features a whimsical tale which leads to an important story about the essential seasonal tasks facing a cranberry grower.
  • Cranberry Connections offers a glimpse into the history of the cranberry from early Native American use to today’s cranberry grower and encourages students to make connections among the people, the land and the past.
  • Beneath the Berries takes students on a fun-filled geological journey, where they learn about the unique composition of cranberry bog soil.