Into the Marsh


1. Determine which version of the lesson you will implement for your class. This lesson is designed for all students to use an advanced version or for all students to use a simplified version. Of course, you are free to adapt the lesson as you see fit, but the teacher resources were developed to support whole group implementation of one or the other version.

2. Preview the Chill Out Teacher Resource Presentation to become familiar with its flow. There are several slides that involve clicking to trigger the appearance or disappearance of information, and/or animation. It will be helpful if you are aware of these points in the presentation before you show it to the class.

3. Arrange classroom furniture to be conducive to the Growers’ Association meeting format, as well as for pairs to work together.

4. Arrange to project the Chill Out Teacher Resource Presentation and Risky Situations?, to the whole class.

5. Make copies of Spring Frost Management Log and Growers’ Association Brief, Chill Out: A Grower’s Guide to Managing Spring Frost.